matthew monticchio

David B Thomas - We spent countless hours together listening and absorbing some serious music. I followed him to Peabody Conservatory and composed music in his house when I didn't have my own computer. A great friend and a great composer.

Ron Thomas - Friend, musical trainer, Christian mystic, elder, guru of all things noble and lovely. His music is real and true. His essays are little gems and deep. His jazz playing is one of a kind. Go listen to his music and read his essays.

The Speakers - I grew up playing music with Brian Miller (50% of The Speakers) and also was in the trumpet section in the Wheatland Junior High band with Peter. I respect the utter musical integrity, ingenuity and emotion of this whispering duo. I was truly frightened the first time Brian sat in my apartment and played me I Can't Understand Why Then It's Gone from the That'd album. Check them out.

Ned Bustard - One of the best designer I know. Ned and I have enjoyed collaborating over the years. We also work together on putting together the Wheatland Church liturgy. He is the co-founder of Square Halo Books.

Matthew Clark - Modern day Giotto, bless his heart. This man is a true artist. Go buy an original!

Hiram Ring - Fellow musician and songwriter from the area. Look forward to future collaborations.

Matthew Bengtson - Immensely gifted pianist in the Philadelphia area. Matt has played and recorded some of my piano music. Watching him read through Boulez's Premiere Sonata was scary in an awe-inspiring and most delightful way.

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